Global Educational Opportunities for Students


African Elegance and Designs by students in the Department of Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design, College of Education and Human Sciences, UNL for the Gala to support Global Education, September 23, 2014.

Haley French-Sloan showing off her henna art

Haley French-Sloan, Educational Administration Graduate Student from Lincoln, NE and 2014 Fellowship Recipient to India, College of Education and Human Sciences, UNL, and the Malaika Foundation.

Montanna Westling in traditional Chinese dress

Montanna Westling, Family Science Major from Ashland in China.

International Study/Internship Opportunities for Students

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program
The Gilman Scholarship Program offers a competition for awards to study abroad. This scholarship provides U.S. undergraduate students who are receiving Federal Pell Grant funding an opportunity to add an international component to their education.


Application Deadline: Early October and Early March

Eligibility: The program is open to all U.S. citizen undergraduates, in good academic standing, who are receiving the Federal Pell Grant at a two-year or four-year college or university. Participants must be in the process of applying to or have been accepted into a study abroad program that is eligible for credit by the student's accredited institution of higher education in the U.S.

Funding: Over 3,200 scholarships of up to $5,000 will be awarded this academic year for U.S. citizen undergraduates to study abroad. The award is used to defray study abroad costs, including program tuition, room and board, books, local transportation, insurance and international airfare. An additional $5,000 supplemental award is available for those studying critical languages.

Time Frame/Length: The study abroad program must be at least four weeks.

Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) for Young Professionals
The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) for Young Professionals is a full-year work-study scholarship program with a strong focus on cultural exchange. CBYX annually provides 75 young Americans with an understanding of everyday life, education, and professional training in Germany, as students have the opportunity to study, work, and live with a host. The CBYX for Young Professionals program is intended primarily for young adults in business, vocational, scientific, engineering, technical, and agricultural fields, though applicants from all fields are encouraged to apply.


Application Deadline: December 1st for the following program year.

Eligibility: Students must be 18-24 years old at the beginning of the program; have a minimum of high school diploma or equivalent; have completed general coursework in their field at a community college, college, or university; and have completed some relevant work experience (short-term, volunteer, or internship) in their target career field.

Funding: Although the scholarship covers international travel costs and a stipend, it is possible that the participant will be required to use some of this personal money to cover basic living expenses during the internship phase.

Time Frame/Length: The program begins in July and includes two months of intensive German language training in Germany (no prior German language knowledge required), four months of classroom instruction at a German university or college of applied sciences, and a five-month internship in a participant’s career field.

Fund for Education Abroad
The FEA provides scholarships and grants to reduce financial restrictions for American students who want to participate in education study abroad programs.


Application Deadline: The Spring 2021 application opens on July 1, 2020, 12pm (EST)

Eligibility: Undergraduate students who have applied for a study abroad program are eligible to apply. Students must commit to spending 4 weeks overseas, and upon return, students help support education abroad in their campus community through work with the FEA and the campus education abroad staff. Up to 15 scholarships are awarded per year.

Funding: Up to $10,000 is awarded to cover tuition and fees.

Time Frame/Length: Study abroad programs supported by the scholarship can range from 4 weeks to one calendar year.

Individual Advanced Research Opportunities Program (IARO) | (Graduate Students)
The IARO Program provides fellowships to US scholars and professionals for overseas research in Eastern Europe and Eurasia on contemporary political, economic, historical, or cultural developments relevant to US foreign policy. Eligible countries of research focus include: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.


Application Deadline: November 14, 2020

Eligibility: Master’s students, PhD students, or professionals already holding one of following degrees (MA, MS, MFA, MBA, MPA, MLIS, MPH, JD, MD, PhD). Candidates must have the proper language skills to carry out their research.

Funding: The $30,000 grant provides for roundtrip international airfare, a monthly allowance and living expenses, travel visa, and emergency evacuation insurance.

Time Frame/Length: Fellowships for Master’s students are 1-3 months. They typically will begin on or after June 1 and must be completed by the end of August.

Boren Fellowship and Scholarship
Boren Scholarships and Fellowships provide opportunities for U.S. undergraduate and graduate students to add important international and language elements to their education. Both programs support study and research in areas of the world that are critical to U.S. interests, including Africa, Asia, Central & Eastern Europe, Eurasia, Latin America, and the Middle East. The countries of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand are excluded.

Upon completion of the program, Boren scholars and fellows are required to serve for one year in the Federal Government in a position with national security responsibilities.


Boren Scholarships Application Deadline: For Undergraduates, February 3, 2021. Application opens in mid-August 2020.
Up to $20,000 for 25-52 weeks (preferred)
Up to $10,000 for 12-24 weeks
Up to $8,000 for 8-11 weeks for STEM applicants only

Boren Fellowships Application Deadline: For Graduate Students, January 27, 2021. Application opens in mid-August 2020.
Up to $24,000 for 37-52 weeks
Up to $20,00 for 25-36 weeks
Up to $12,000 for 12-24 weeks for domestic language study

Eligibility: Undergraduate students are eligible to apply for the Boren Scholarship, while graduate students are eligible for Boren Fellowships.

Funding: The Boren Scholarship and Fellowships cover costs associated with the study abroad program, including tuition and fees, room and board, books, insurance, local transportation, and round-trip airfare on a U.S. carrier.

Time Frame/Length: Boren Fellowship awards are made for a minimum of 12 weeks and maximum of 24 months. Overseas programs can be no longer than one year. Boren-funded programs can begin no earlier than June 1.

JET – The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program
The JET program welcomes participants from 40 countries, including the U.S, to come to Japan and promote international exchange and cross-cultural understanding between Japan and other nations. Participants are assigned to be either Assistant Language Teachers (ALTs) who provide language instruction in elementary, junior and senior high schools; Coordinators for International Relations (CIRs) who work in communities on international exchange activities; or Sports Exchange Advisors (SEAs) who promote international exchange through sports.


Application Deadline: Application opens in late September 2020 for the 2021 program.

Eligibility: Participants must hold a Bachelor’s degree and be interested in Japan, the Japanese educational system, and working with Japanese students.

Funding: JET participants receive a salary, which is meant to cover the cost of rent, bills, and other living expenses.

Time Frame/Length: The JET Program welcomes participants twice each year, based on the participating country. JET is a one-year commitment, and it is possible to renew up to four more years.

Fulbright-Hays Group Projects Abroad Program
U.S. Department of State-Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs

This program provides grants to support overseas projects in training, research, and curriculum development in modern foreign languages and area studies by teachers, undergraduate and graduate students, and faculty engaged in a common endeavor. Projects may include short-term seminars, curriculum development, group research or study, or advanced intensive language programs that focus on the humanities, social sciences, or languages.


Application Deadline: Mid-June

Eligibility: Institutions of higher education, state departments of education, and private, nonprofit educational organizations. Participants in the group must be: a faculty member in modern foreign languages or area studies; or a teacher in an elementary or secondary school; or an experienced education administrator responsible for planning, conducting, or supervising programs in modern foreign languages or area studies at the elementary, secondary, or postsecondary level; or a graduate student, or a junior or senior in an institution of higher education who plans a teaching career in modern foreign languages or area studies.

Funding: Grant funds may be used for the following: a maintenance stipend, international travel, local travel allowance, rent for instructional facilities, administrative and professional services, purchase of books and teaching materials in the country of study.

Time Frame/Length: Each project enables a group of faculty from institutions of higher education and graduate and undergraduate students to undertake research or study overseas for three to 12 months.

Other Requirements: Projects must focus on the humanities, social sciences and languages, and must focus on one or more of the following areas: Africa, East Asia, South Asia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific, the Western Hemisphere (Central and South America, Mexico, and the Caribbean), East Central Europe and Eurasia, and the Near East.

National Flagship Language Program
The Language Flagship is a breakthrough in foreign language and culture instruction in the United States. It is designed to help individuals achieve superior-level proficiency in critical languages including Arabic, Chinese, Hindi/Urdu, Korean, Persian/Farsi, and Eurasian Languages. The Language Flagship awards grants to U.S. universities recognized as leaders in the field of language education. Flagship Centers and Flagship Partner Programs offer students intensive language instruction to enhance their academic degrees. Programs are available at both undergraduate and graduate levels, and include periods of domestic training and cultural immersion at Overseas Flagship Centers.


Application Deadline: Mid-January, though application requirements and deadlines vary across Flagship programs.

Eligibility: Applicants must have minimum proficiency (advanced low level) in the appropriate foreign language. (Information on proficiency levels can be found at:

Funding: Student funding is available directly through Flagship Fellowships or through Flagship university partners. Fellowships offer tuition, a modest stipend for living expenses, support for travel costs, and health insurance coverage

Time Frame/Length: Flagship programs are two years

The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS)
A program of the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, The Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) Program provides overseas foreign language instruction and cultural enrichment experiences in 13 critical need languages for U.S. students in higher education. The program offers intensive summer language institutes overseas for the summer months.


Application Deadline: Application opens in the fall of 2020 for 2021 scholarships.

Eligibility: Applicants must be currently enrolled in a U.S. degree-granting program at the undergraduate or graduate level. Current undergraduate students must have completed at least one year of general college course-work. Previous language study is also required for some of the targeted languages (proficiency requirements can be found on the website).

Funding: All CLS Program costs are covered for participants including: travel to and from the student's U.S. home city and program location, a mandatory Washington, D.C. pre-departure orientation, applicable visa fees, room, board, group-based intensive language instruction, program-sponsored travel within country, and all entrance fees for CLS Program cultural enhancement activities.

Time Frame/Length: Programs are 7 – 10 weeks.

American Councils for International Education
American Councils administers a variety of cultural exchange, study abroad, and research programs. Participation in these programs is through an open, merit-based competition, and facilitates mutual understanding between the United States and Eurasia, Southeast Europe, and South Asia. Current program offerings are available on their website.


Application Deadline: See website for various programs.

Eligibility: School administrators, teachers, and/or students.

People to People Citizen Ambassador Leadership Program
People to People offers opportunities for students and educators to travel internationally, visit classrooms, observe teaching methods, and meet with their counterparts and colleagues in different countries. Qualified educators who are chosen to lead delegations receive all-expenses-paid travel to exciting destinations within the United States and around the world.


Eligibility: (To lead a delegation) Preference is given to current teachers who have classroom experience with students in the 6th through 12th grade. For Leadership Programs (students grades 5-12), teacher leaders may also be retired educators or junior/senior/master’s level education candidates who are studying to be teachers. All leaders must be CPR certified.

Time Frame/Length: International programs for middle, junior high, and high school delegations are all approximately three weeks in length. International programs for fifth- and sixth-grade students range from two to three weeks in length. Leadership Programs require attendance from 3 to 12 days.

Kennedy- Lugar Youth Exchange and Study Abroad (YES Abroad)
The Kennedy-Lugar YES Abroad program, sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, offers 65 American high school students and recent graduates in the U.S. full scholarships for up to one academic year in countries with significant Muslim populations. For the 2013-2014 academic year, YES Abroad students may live in the following countries: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Egypt, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mali, Morocco, Oman, South Africa, Thailand, Tunisia, and Turkey.


Application deadline: Early January

Eligibility: US citizens in high school (or recently graduated) aged 15-18

Funding: Tuition, room and board with a host family, travel to and from host community, health care, and visa fees.

Length of Program/Time Frame: One academic year

Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange Program
The Congress-Bundestag Youth Exchange (CBYX) program is for motivated high school students who want to experience a culture and learn a language through a full immersion experience, earn a competitive edge for your college applications, learn about German culture first-hand by living with a host family and attending a German high school, connect to an elite network of U.S. Department of State program alumni, and embark on an adventure that is unlike any other.


Application deadline: December-February (depending on sponsoring organization)

Eligibility: High school students 15-18 and young professionals aged 18-24

Funding: Round-trip travel between Washington, D.C. and your placement city in Germany, tuition and academic materials, in-country support, cultural excursions, pre-departure and re-entry orientation, room and board, and secondary medical benefits.

Length of Program/Time Frame: One academic year

American Youth Leadership Program
The American Youth Leadership Program is a leadership training exchange program for U.S. high school students and adult mentors. Participants travel abroad to gain firsthand knowledge of foreign cultures and to examine globally significant issues, such as the environment and climate change, food security and nutrition, the role of the media, and science and technology. Programs involve homestays with local families, language lessons, leadership training, and community service opportunities. Participants implement a follow-on project in their communities once they return home. Travel for 3-4 weeks to grain firsthand knowledge of foreign cultures in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, Malaysia and Singapore, Paraguay, Peru, Samoa, and Uganda.


Application deadline: Details vary by country.

Eligibility: American students aged 15-17 with at least one more semester in high school.

Funding: Details vary by country.

Length of Program/Time Frame: 3-4 weeks

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